Playing The Division on Windows PC? Don’t Upgrade to Nvidia’s Latest Drivers

Video card business enterprise Nvidia launched a new driver for its GeForce GPUs. Dubbed as the game prepared motive force model 364.47, it brings a host of optimisations to improve your enjoy in Ubisoft’s shared international shooter The division in addition to need for velocity which hits pcs this month

but the ones who’ve upgraded to model 364.47 were hit with a host of issues. these include blue monitors, the incapability besides into windows, and other sorts of matters that generally tend to make computer gaming a troublesome affair. Even more so considering those reports come from users across GPU fashions no matter their display setup or OS.

Having said that, Nvidia is privy to the difficulty and is investigating in addition.

“we have acquired reviews of some users having troubles putting in modern-day recreation prepared driving force, model 364.47,” its guide page reads. It recommends averting the driving force’s specific set up option as a means to save you this issue.

“preliminary research indicates the problem is related to doing an “specific” installation. We propose the ones willing to do that motive force use a custom -> clean install installation. in case you enjoy troubles, you can uninstall the driver thru windows safe-Mode and revert to a previous version.”

at the same time as we haven’t faced any such problems with our gaming rig simply yet, safe to say you shouldn’t threat upgrading your drivers if you’re the usage of an Nvidia card.

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