Here’s Why We Won’t Be Getting a New Burnout Game Anytime Soon

At E3 2014 we have been dealt with to a evidence of idea from Criterion games – creators of the a hit Burnout racing collection. It merged open-international excessive sports journey with shades of 2008’s stunning Burnout Paradise.

rapid forward to E3 2016 and there is been no signal of Criterion video games barring a point out in one in every of EA’s films for its big name Wars games declaring that the developer is assisting in the introduction of a number of these titles.

Now its publisher and owner digital Arts has stated that Criterion games’ excessive sports activities mission has been cancelled.

“while they’ve moved on from the preceding project they’ve spoken approximately and aren’t pursuing it, they may be continuing to construct new thoughts and experiment with new IP for EA, similarly to continuing to collaborate with different EA studios,” an EA representative defined to GameSpot.

What this means is, much like Command & overcome, Medal of Honor, and dead space, it is safe to mention which you shouldn’t anticipate a new Burnout sport or anything remotely such as it within the future – immediately or otherwise.

Throw in the truth that EA’s focus appears to be sports activities, superstar Wars, and Battlefield will make certain that until its need for pace, some other racing game is out of the query.

“it is probable the most numerous variety of cars you’ve ever visible,” Criterion preferred supervisor Matt Webster stated in 2014. “The factor is bringing them together. And that during and of itself is going to cause experiences that human beings have no longer visible earlier than, and actually, probably, emergent varieties of play that we may want to in no way design for, however they may be certainly all regular with one another.”

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