Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Release Date and Story Details Leaked

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Release Date and Story Details Leaked

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order is the next Star Wars game from EA and its closer than you think. The Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order release date and story details have been leaked on Reddit. The game will be out in November and takes place five years after the Revenge of the Sith which ties in to what we already know, that Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order’s events are set between Episodes III and IV. Its protagonist is Cal, a palawan who survived Order 66. His mentor is a woman named Ceres. Furthermore, Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order may also involve the Ninth Sister and/or Night Sisters though by the Redditor’s own admission, they could not remember exact details.

The user, who attended a Disney-hosted Star Wars marketing presentation, also posted details regarding Star Wars Episode IX and The Mandalorian. These were independently verified by Star Wars leaks and news site MakingStarWars, which has a solid track record. This suggests that the information regarding Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order could be accurate.

At EA Play, EA’s pre-E3 2018 event, studio boss Vince Zampella said it would be available in the holiday season of 2019. In addition to this, he said the game would take place between Star Wars Episodes III and IV at a time when the Jedi were hunted down. Previously, Respawn announced that the game would be in third-person and is helmed by God of War 3 director Stig Asmussen.

That said, it would be interesting to see how monetisation would work in Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order in the wake of Star Wars Battlefront 2’s many issues. Given how well Respawn’s last game, Titanfall 2managed micro-transactions, it’s safe to say it would be a cosmetic-only affair.

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